electrical solutions for yachts ETY

Electrical Design

ETY's successfully proven system is based on the prevention of interface problems in the design stage resulting in a cost and time effective work-flow.

Bespoke switchboards
Panel and systems
Alarm monitoring systems
Power Management Systems
Harmonic evaluation

Schedules, equipment location, generator sizing and existing equipment specifications are all at the heart of our design process. We provide all technical documentation and survey reports providing technical assistance and support for sub-contractor management. We implement a full safety analysis, taking load analysis & short-circuit current calculations into consideration to confirm safe operation of the vessel's electrical systems.

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bespoke Manufacturing

From our facility in Palma de Mallorca, we design, build and test bespoke switchboards, panels and systems.
• Main switchboards.
• Emergency switchboards.
• DC switchboards.
• Lighting control panels.
• Shore connection boxes.
• Motor starters individual or group starter boards.
• Navigation lighting panels.
• Alarm and monitoring systems.
• Process control systems.
All design work is produced in accordance with classification society, flag and statutory rule requirements.

EPM (Electrical Preventative Maintenance)

Introduction Statistics prove that two thirds of electrical system failures can be prevented by a routine preventative maintenance program. Studies show that the failure rate of electrical equipment is three times higher for components that are not part a scheduled maintenance program with those that are.

Improved safety. Increased knowledge of your equipment means improved assets safety (electric and mechanical fire risks is eliminated)
Decreased energy consumption. Control and optimisation of energy 'greedy' machines result in higher efficiency and thus lower fuel consumption.
Reduced maintenance Costs. Periodic overhauls are replaced by an only-need-to replace maintenance process.
Increased uptime by reduced number of outages. Equipment problems identified at an early stage allow forced outages to be converted into planned downtime.
Maintenance practices
Standard for Electrical Preventative Maintenance program. Available upon request incudes recommended frequency.
Thermographic Our trained thermographic surveyors with marine experience will observe every piece of machinery you specify and provide digital color photographs to document the signature of each component. Thermographics are superb for troubleshooting and preventive maintenance of electrical distribution systems.


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REM (Reactive Electrical Maintenance)

Our highly trained team of Engineers are available worldwide to carry out fault finding and rectification using the latest state of the art equipment.
For reoccurring issues including harmonics, which can potentially damage or disrupt critical equipment, we recommend an energy study is carried out using our Power Logger (see section SEM).
If required, our Engineers are used to carrying out testing of equipment and systems whilst the vessel is underway and are of course fully insured to do so.

SEM (Scheduled Electrical Maintenance)

Once our team has carried out a comprehensive EPM (Electrical Preventative Maintenance) survey, it is highly recommended that an SEM program is implemented to ensure continued smooth operation of all the electrical systems onboard.
Energy Study
Our Power Logger is the ideal meter for conducting energy studies and basic power quality logging. Power Logger is set up using flexible current probes and colour display. The power quality meter measures most electrical power parameters, harmonics, and captures voltage events.
Load studies - verify electrical system capacity before adding loads.
Energy assessments - quantify energy consumption before and after improvements to justify energy saving devices.
Harmonics measurements - uncover harmonic issues that can damage or disrupt critical equipment.
Voltage event capture - monitor for dips and swells that cause spurious resets or nuisance circuit breaker tripping.
All information is then recorded and logged in the database which can be compared over time, highlighting any potential problems.

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AV & Lighting Control

Entertainment systems are a fundamental element to almost every vessel and are also constantly evolving. Our experienced team can design and implement the very latest technology ensuring that the cabling infrastructure is sufficient to allow for expansion and to accommodate new advances and integration with lighting and blind controls.

When ON & OFF is simply not enough, our trained engineers are able to assist with the design, product selection, programming and installation of leading lighting control systems. Lighting systems are an important element in the total experience of the owner and guests. Setting the mood for an evening of dining and entertainment, or just watching a movie in the privacy of a cabin, can be achieved by the correct lighting fixtures and light control system.