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Our associated companies

ETY are approved installers and service agents for a growing number of companies.

Our ethos is to supply the most innovative, yet tried and tested products, on every project we undertake, allows us to operate efficiently and economically while upholding strict compliance issues.
Our collaboration with the finest names in the industry give us the peace of mind that we can all depend on.




E-commerce site for specialist marine electrical, engineering and safety equipment, class compliant products.

Our projects are powered by, a specialist marine electrical, engineering and safety equipment supply service. A cost effective solution for the supply of class compliant marine products to captains, engineers, ETO's and contractors to ensure speedy delivery and online advice. Their association with major brands enables them to offer a one stop shopping experience with the minimum of hassle and maximum savings.

oc3an marine equipment supply


Our involvement with EATON has produced the latest BLUEWAVEâ„¢ series of switchboards. The result is an industry changing solution that others will no doubt try to emulate in time, a revolutionary development for the market.


asea power systems

ASEA Power Systems manufactures a comprehensive line of compact, light weight shore power converters and line voltage regulators that have been specifically designed for the motor and sail yacht industries.

Founded in 1998, the company has recently added key personnel to both the engineering and management staff. The management staff now has over 80 years of design and manufacturing experience in the AC Power Conversion Market. Products designed by our engineering staff can be found throughout the commercial, marine, and military markets with power levels ranging from 250VA to 800kVA.

ETY are also associated with the French and Italian divisions of ASEA

ASEA Power Systems

nrg marine

NRG Solutions is a high tech company specializing in the design and development of environmentally friendly electronic solutions for specialist and environmentally aware subjects, such as Building automation and controls, life safety systems. And now the latest addition to the NRG Solutions is the NRG MARINE division.

•NRG Marine develop and produce:
•NRG Sonihull Ultrasonic Antifouling Systems for yachts of all sizes.

NRG Solutions

STP Palma


STP is one of the safest and most advanced Shipyard in Europe. It is a technical area of reference for the repair and maintenance of ships of up to 120 m in length with travelifts of up to 700 tons, equipped with cutting-edge technology, the guarantee of the highest level of quality and efficiency and a professional team together with the best companies specialized in this sector, they represent the great added value we can offer to our customers

STP Palma refit


The Lumishore engineering and technical team has been at the forefront of the high-intensity LED revolution for over 14 years. They are world-renowned within the LED industry.

Lumishore is committed to providing the boating industry with the brightest, highest quality underwater LED boat lights on the market. Using the latest proprietary LED technology, Lumishore underwater lights offer the finest boat lighting solutions for all types of vessels, including Super Yachts, Sailing and Motor Yachts.

Lumishore underwater lighting

Savage Marine Ltd

Savage Marine Ltd, established over 17 years ago, are regarded by many as the leading supplier of lighting fittings to the superyacht industry and marine leisure market.

Continuously striving to innovate when needed, integrate developments in technology and embrace the demands of the industry. It is perhaps for these reasons that not only do they have a large portfolio of repeat clients but also a have growing number of world firsts, from the brightest single chip, warm white LED in the industry, to the smallest linear lit Solid Stainless Steel letters, to the largest Solid Stainless Steel name for a Superyacht.

Savage Marine Ltd

Carlisle & Finch Co.

Founded in 1894, The Carlisle & Finch Co. invented the first Carbon Arc Searchlight in North America, and provided this technology to the Paddlewheel Boats on the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers.

Carlisle & Finch pioneered every searchlight innovation over the last century, including the development of Carbon Arc and Xenon Arc Searchlight Technology. Carlisle & Finch is well known for its high quality and conforms to ISO 9000/9001 Quality Control standards. In addition, Carlisle & Finch also adheres to the strict U.S. Military Mil-I-45028A Quality Control standard, and is an approved and certified U.S. Military contractor.

The Carlisle & Finch Co.


Offering innovation to the yachting industry to improve the level of comfort through easy-management of our onboard system.

The Yachtica's production includes: system control and management of on board comfort. The system can be interfaced with any entertainment and/or technical monitoring system; a wide range of standard marine and manually programmed dimmer modules; a series of accessories and adapters; wireless modules; high-tech marine keyboards; marine drivers for LED; marine electronic and toroidal transformers.


sun marine seats

First class Seating. Owners of the more expensive cars, aircraft passengers and even formula one drivers know what that means: Recaro. Recaro is one of the most famous car seat builders. Sun Marine Seats Sun Marine Seats is a company on its own, that has specialised in building helm seats by using the Recaro car seats. This means you will have a quality product, you can expect with the name Recaro. Sun Marine Seats uses the best leather for the upholstery, for outdoor use there is even a seat with a complete stainless steel frame. The pedestals, footrests and multi-rails make it all complete

sun marine seats